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Ha kedd, akkor angol beszélgetés Jucival.

„Hi there,
Tomorrow is Tuesday. So, time for English! 🙂
Let me know if you are joining in.
See details below.
Hope you are all doing fine. I am pretty sure it is a challenge for all of us to spend the days of isolation in a fairly colourful way, and it isn’t easy either to feel connected. This is why I decided to arrange a sort of an online occasion for people who like chatting, and are open for the challenge of doing it in English. The occasion is not meant to be a language lesson, though I’ll most probably prepare with some fun speaking activities, and will make sure we are not silent. Participants should be able to chat about everyday topics, so at least a knowledge of around B2 is needed. We will meet in Zoom, so you’ll need to download the Zoom client on your desktop or phone (quality seems to be a bit better to me on the computer though).
If you are interested, just drop me a mail at
We’ll meet on Tuesday at 5.30 P.M., and will chat for an hour, with a maximum of 6-7 people so that everyone has a chance to speak.
This is a voluntary thing, no payment is expected of course.
Take good care,                                          Juci”

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